What a difference a year makes…

When I first started this blog, my focal point was to do one blog a month and focus on one person a month specifically. The first person I chose to write about was my best friend Jaquan who tried to kill himself. What initially was supposed to be one part, became 6 concluding with a video interview with Jaquan and myself. I last heard from Jaquan in June of 2019. He was back in a hospital after his 3rd suicide attempt. Today I have lost all contact with him and do not know of his whereabouts.


After Jaquan’s blog, the next obvious person was the most important person in my life. I had just proposed to Heather and figured I’d do a blog on how we met and everything that brought us to that moment in Montreal where I asked her to be my player number 2 forever. Currently, we are planning our wedding in May.

Then came blogs about the people who have shaped me throughout my life. My friend Chris Bird (still hustling, still grinding). My baby sister Pourcher (about to get married this July and I actually might do another piece on her at some point). My friend Frank who is still running his retro video game store. A woman named Maribeth who passed away outside of my job and how that affected me, (it became my most popular blog to date with over 5000 views). Three men from my neighborhood (Anthony, Tony, and Angel) and their paths and journeys. Anthony recently got married, Tony is expecting another child and is still a man of the Lord, and Angel is still the last G left. My last blog of the year was about a man named Kevin whom I still have never met. He’s still currently still in Sacramento and still giving back to the video game community.

This year, my blogs will still focus on people, but since 2020 is such a big year for me, I will also do personal blogs based on my experiences and feelings. I plan to write another piece on Jaquan as I attempt to find him once again. My wedding, my travels, people I meet, have met, never met, and used to know. Also my blogs will be shared and posted on the Times Unions website! Thats huge to me as I’ll be able to reach a much bigger and broader audience. So stay tuned, because 2020 is something you do not want to miss. As always THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading. You have NO idea what it means to me…


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