Corona Bride

“What’s meant to be will be…”

May 2nd, 2020. That was supposed to be the happiest day of HP’s life (until she has kids of course). It was a day she had been planning since she was a little girl. Already she had the colors of her bridal party picked out, the type of flowers that would decorate the reception as center pieces, the music of her first dance. Her planning was both stressing and flawless as she searched for the perfect gown, the perfect DJ, the perfect photographer. Everything was all lined up for HP to finally become Mrs Jenkins one day before our 10 year dating anniversary on May 3rd. Thats right, she had waited 10 years. We had officially started dating May 3rd of 2010. She had the venue, the officiant, the song for her “Daddy Daughter Dance”, the rings… And then, the world stopped.

IMG_1163The Corona Virus has halted the world. Millions of people are quarantined in their homes advised not to leave. Public gatherings are not allowed. You cannot go to a restaurant to eat, a bar to drink. Malls and movie theaters are shut down, businesses and schools are closed. No sporting events, no proms or graduations, and unfortunately for HP, after 10 long years, no weddings. HP had officially become what is known on social media as a “Corona Bride”. To date and according to, there were an estimated 400,000 weddings around the world that were forced to reschedule or postpone because of the Corona Virus. HP’s perfect spring wedding had now been moved now to summer. Thankfully though, she didn’t have to do much replanning. HP being HP was calculated enough the first go around to choose a wedding coordinator as meticulous as she is. Her wedding coordinator did all the dirty work and called all of her vendors, figuring out a date that worked best for all of them. It was more than a relief, although it was still sad and somewhat depressing that HP now had to wait 3 more months.


In the long run and in the grand scheme of things, the wedding isn’t really that important, especially at a time like this. People are losing their jobs, their health, and their lives. We’re thankful that all we have lost is a wedding date. HP will eventually get her dream wedding because her dream is being wed to me. What’s meant to be will be. Won’t matter much if it’s in a grand ballroom surrounded by all her friends and family or in a courthouse with a single strange judge… she would prefer the grand ballroom though. Till then, my Corona Bride continues to plan, continues to organize, continues to pray that her day and time will come. She’s in several “Corona Bride” groups on Facebook and Instagram with women all going through the same struggle and sadness that she is. They build each other up with inspirational quotes and comedic memes about what’s going on. She’ll be ok. HP is strong. Besides all that, what’s 3 more months when She’s already waited 10 years…


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